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Why clean & inspect?

Preventive maintaince is always more cost effective than repairs that could have been avoided. Annual inspections determine chimney integrity for all types of fuel. Regardless if the chimney is used or not, rain and inclement weather have adverse effects on brick and mortar. Damage occurs internally as well as externally.
A chimney inspection can save money, hassles and potential law suits if the property is for sale or rent. The reassurance of a clean chimney brings peace of mind and may also qualify your home for a special premium rate on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Fire codes for your safety.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a non-profit organization that compiles data from thousands of fires every year. NFPA’s findings provide the basis for building and fire safety codes. The publication FNPA 211 sets the standard for chimneys, fireplaces, vents and solid fuel burning appliances for almost all building codes across the entire country. NFPA 54 contains the vital code and statistical information for oil flue relining.
We pride ourselves on our knowledge and use of this crucial information. You can be assured our work is always first-rate and performed in strict compliance with the most current fire and gas safety codes and standards.

Your advantage in using a Certified Chimney Sweep.

National Certified chimney professionals are up to date with fire codes, standards and regulations, providing proven solutions to your chimney problems.
Because it is essential these days to get maximum value for the money you spend, contraction with a Certified Chimney Sweep is your intelligent choice. Some people call themselves a chimney sweep because they own a few brushes, a vacuum, and a ladder. In reality, it takes years of training and experience to be skilled in the trade as a seasoned professional.